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Dave Taylor

Birthday: March 21st
Birth Place: Independence, MO
Married: Yes – Lelsy
Anniversary: June 1st, 1985
Children: 6
Grandchildren: 8
Favorite Book: I’d rather watch the movie!
Favorite Quote: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be what you’ve always been.”
Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:13
Biggest Influence In Your Life: My Father-in-law (not sure if it was a good influence or a bad one;)


Quartet: Cathedrals
Trio: Brian Free & Assurance (although still not as good as a quartet!)
Mixed: The Taylor Family
Favorite Song: Somebody Touched Me
Favorite Southern Gospel Album: Cathedrals - Alive; Kingsmen - Live Naturally


Dave was born in Independence, Missouri and has lived in the metro area all of his life, now residing in Pleasant Hill. Dave is the youngest of seven children. He lost his mom, dad, a brother and a sister. He’s thankful to still have four of his sisters around.

Dave fell in love with Southern Gospel music when he was around 16 years old after he heard the Kingsmen and the Cathedrals on the radio and has been in love with it since that time. When he started dating his wife, most of their dates consisted of attending local concerts featuring groups like, The Cathedrals, The Kingsmen, The Inspirations, Gold City, The Greenes, Masters Five; The Talley Trio, etc. They still attend Southern Gospel concerts every chance they get including one of their favorite trips each year to Silver Dollar City and the Southern Gospel Picnic.

Dave’s dad moved them to Pleasant Hill, Missouri in 1979, where he eventually started attending Hope Baptist Church. After attending a Halloween outreach event for teens, Dave gave his life to Jesus. That little church is also where he met Lesly. It was love at first sight for Dave, but it took a bit more work for Lesly to be convinced! They were finally married in 1985 in Pleasant Hill. Their family grew, adding six children over the years, five boys and one girl. All of them, except the youngest, is now married and Dave and his wife currently have eight wonderful grandchildren.

Dave has wanted to sing Southern Gospel music for many years, especially in a quartet. He joined 4 His Love back when they first got started here in the Kansas City area, and spent three years with the ministry before deciding to step down for a while. He is excited for the opportunity to rejoin the ministry of 4 His Love!


Your greatest privilege and accomplishment in music thus far?
The great friendships I have made over the years. Also, while singing with my family, watching them grow and improve in the talents God has given them and watching them minister to others in music.

What has been your favorite vacation/trip?
I love the trips my wife and I take nearly every year to Silver Dollar City for the Southern Gospel Picnic and other festivals throughout the year.

What is your favorite hobby...when you have some free time?
Music, and watching Hallmark movies with my wife!

The sweetest thing you have ever done for your wife?
One time I bought my wife a set of pots and pans for Valentines Day, but you may want to ask her about that!

What church do you serve at?
Real Life Church in Belton, Mo.