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Jeff Rudloff

Birthday: April 27th
Birth Place: McKeansburg, Pennsylvania
Married: Yes – Joan
Anniversary: June 4th
Kids: 3 – Alyssa, Rebecca, Travis
Favorite Book: Anything by John Eldridge or Steve McVey
Favorite Quote: “You will never get to where you are going until you are ready to let go of where you have been.” (From my former pastor, Rev. Michael Carmody)
Favorite Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11
Biggest Influence In Your Life: My mother


Quartet: Gaither Vocal Band/The Cathedrals (Danny Funderburk era)
Trio: Greater Vision
Mixed: The Hoppers/The Happy Goodman Family
Favorite Song: “God Walks the Dark Hills”
Favorite Southern Gospel Album: Doris Akers & The Statesmen Quartet (from the 1950’s)


Jeff’s first opportunity to sing in public came at age three, when he joined his mother and two aunts as they sang from time to time in local churches for revivals and special services. His mom took him to his first Southern Gospel concert – featuring the Couriers, the Speers, the Statesmen and the Harvesters – when he was five. No other music has ever taken Southern Gospel music’s place.

Jeff committed his life to Christ at age 17, and soon after started playing the piano for a local soloist. That grew into a lifelong relationship with Jeff Steinberg Ministries, which has included stints as pianist, vocalist, songwriter, booking and management coordinator. The two Jeffs continue their relationship to this day. In addition, Jeff has served in pastoral ministries in Pennsylvania and Iowa for 17 years, and has also been a worship leader and minister of music, along with a 4-year stint as tenor singer for a local quartet in PA.

Jeff met his wife, Joan, in the college choir during their years at Houghton College, where Jeff earned a degree in Psychology and Biblical Studies. In June 2015, they celebrated their 37th anniversary together.

He moved from Iowa to Missouri to join 4 His Love, and is excited to return to the music he loves so much after so many years! He brings to the group not only his smooth baritone vocals and offbeat sense of humor, but also his abilities as a keyboard player and songwriter. Jeff looks forward to sharing his new songs with 4 His Love audiences all over the Midwest and as far a field as God allows them to go!


What have been your greatest privilege and/or accomplishment in music ministry thus far?
Sharing the stage with The Cathedrals at a concert in PA in 1994.

What has been your favorite vacation place?
My in-law’s home in Setauket, Long Island, New York

What is your favorite hobby when you have some free time?

What is the sweetest thing you have done for your wife?
Sending her on a special vacation to visit friends in the Canadian Rockies – one of her favorite places in the world.