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Jeremy Pope

Birthday: 12/29/1976
Birth Place: Excelsior Springs MO
Married: Yes, Kelly
Anniversary: 8/29
Kids: 2 – Thomas & Hannah
Favorite Quote: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
Favorite Verse: Proverbs 3:25 & 26
Biggest Influence in my life: My father


Quartet – Gold City
Trio – Greater Vision
Mixed – The Perrys
Favorite Song – Champion Of Love
Favorite Album – Symphony Of Praise, The Cathedrals


In December, 1976, Jeremy’s parents brought him home from the hospital and lulled him to sleep to the sound of Southern Gospel radio. He has loved it ever since. While listening to Evie sing “Born Again” at the age of six, Jeremy asked what it meant. His Mom explained it to him and his Dad led him in the sinner’s prayer. He never strayed from that commitment to Jesus Christ. He began singing to crowds and at church at the age of four when he attended concerts by the Gospelaires, a local group that his Dad played drums for. He continued to sing throughout his school years, learning fundamentals of singing in the high school choir.

Jeremy’s first priority, besides his relationship with Jesus Christ, is his family. He and his wife, Kelly, their son, Thomas and daughter, Hannah live in Kearney, MO, and attend the First Baptist Church of Kearney, where Jeremy sings in the choir and serves as an ordained deacon. A hunting accident in November, 2009 left him without the use of his right hand. Following a month in the hospital and seven surgeries, he says the only thing he lost that night was his ability to depend on himself. It reinforced in Jeremy’s life the importance of investing in the Kingdom of God, which lasts forever, instead of “my own little kingdom”, which is destined to pass away.

Jeremy’s desire is to continue to be used by God by taking the message of Jesus Christ to everyone he can, through his God-given talent of singing. Jeremy joined 4 His Love January 2013.


What have been your greatest privilege and/or accomplishment in music ministry thus far? Singing with Gold City

What has been your favorite vacation place? Branson

What is your favorite hobby…when you have some free time? Audiophile

What is the one of the sweetest thing you have done for your wife? Good question for Kelly.